About our pricing structure...

All of the rate options below are 100% all inclusive, which means there will be no additional taxes, fuel fees, recycling charges, cancellation fees, or other unpredictable charges.

These are not discounted introductory rates. Aside from the initial savings offered to new subscribers who pay their first 12 months or more up front, the rates below are the same rates that subscribers who have been with us 10+ years or more are paying.

Why? Because we believe this is the best way we can express our gratitude to everyone who chooses us as their service provider. This pricing structure can result in us having higher introductory rates than some of our competitors at times, but it ensures that our loyal subscribers are getting our best rates at all times instead of paying an artificially inflated rate to cover a discounted introductory rate for new subscribers.

The above rates below include: 
- 1 barrel for trash
- 1 barrel for recycling

Single Stream Recycling is collected the same day as your trash (recycling guide HERE).

All rates cover you for all of the trash and recycling that will fit in each respective barrel, plus 1 extra trash bag beyond what fits in the barrel, each pickup day. Additional extra trash bags are billed at $2.00 per bag. 1 "bag" = 15-20lbs.

*Monthly rates listed are billed quarterly (x3) unless otherwise specified.

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