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  Curbside Service  

We strive to provide the best and most hassle-free curbside disposal solutions possible. Here is how we go about achieving that...



You simply choose...


... a barrel size


 - We can provide a variety of sizes of durable, wheeled barrels for you to choose from. Or you are welcome to use barrels that you already own.


... and your pickup frequency


 - We offer Weekly or Twice-a-Month 

curbside service options.


... and we'll give you a simple, 100% all-inclusive monthly rate that can't be beat. 



Note: NO Fuel Fees, Taxes, or any other Hidden Fees or Surprise Add-Ons! EVER!

  Single Stream Recycling  

The first thing you should know about our Single Stream Recycling program is that it is included completely free of charge with any curbside trash disposal service. 

The second thing you should know is that this is the simplest and most efficient way to recycle that there is. And the more efficiently you recycle, the lower your amount of trash waste. So, get excited.
How it works is that you simply take all of your recyclables (paper, glass, plastic, metal, etc.) and toss them into one container. Then we'll pick it up the same day that we pick up your trash. 
No sorting.
No bagging.
No separate schedules to keep track of.
Simple enough?

    Junk Removal    

Are you doing a cleaning project (attic, basement, renovation, etc.), or just have some extra junk around the house that you need to get rid of?


We can help with that too!


We will set up a time to come pick up all the junk you have. Usually in one simple trip in which we can do all of the loading for you!


If this is what you need, contact us and let us give you a customized quote to fit your specific needs.

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